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I'm on a kick with the beading lately, using pretty much all of Stellan's naptimes to play some more. I should probably slow down, as I'm neglecting other tasks that need doing. But I'm having fun, and it's been a while.

I also never stop being surprised at my own competence. The things I've made, they look like they were made by someone who actually knows what she's doing. It's such a weird thought.

Anyway. D kindly took some photos of my recent work, so I can show off.

This is the first one I made, last weekend. The large beads are fossil stone, the reddish/orange ones are ochre quartz, and all the rest are fancy quartz. (Don't ask me why it's called fancy. It just is.)

The next one is what I think I'll be donating to a charity raffle, perhaps with some earrings. The large grey stones are polished marble. The green ones are olive serpentine, the black chunky ones are feldspar, the shiny grey balls are grey quartz, and all the rest is fancy jasper.

And then I got into playing with pattern. Here are two variations on a theme. The first is peanut jasper, fancy quartz, and garnet; the second is olive serpentine, grey quartz, and dyed marble, with silver accents.

And finally, this morning I decided to noodle around with green aventurine in various sizes and shades:

I'm starting to have this fantasy of setting up a table at a low-key craft fair somewhere, to sell some of this stuff. Because I really don't need this many necklaces, I just like making them. And it might be nice if my beading habit could support itself.
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