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I wonder how long it's going to take for it to really sink in that we just elected a mixed-race, dark-skinned man with an African name, Muslim father, teenage mother, lower-middle-class background, sharp intellect, and liberal voting record to be our next president. That America is a place where that can really truly happen, that the election wasn't stolen from us, that bigotry and short-sightedness didn't win. Last night I thought maybe I was just too tired for the fact to really register. But today I can't shake the feeling that I need to re-check the news every couple hours, like if I stop paying attention for too long somehow reality will shift, and McCain will be headed for the White House instead of Obama, his gorgeous family, and their new puppy.

(Speaking of which, maybe I'm a total sap, but I love the fact that he promised his daughters a puppy in his victory speech. If there was a way for me to become even more enamored of the man, that was probably it.)

D and I were musing on the drive home last night about who we'd like to see in Obama's cabinet. I can't help wondering if Colin Powell will be in there somewhere. I know he's a Republican, but he's a smart, moderate, non-evil Republican, and he did endorse Obama for president. I also have this fantasy where Al Gore becomes the director of the EPA. I'll be really curious to see who does get named to administration posts. I'm also unutterably relieved that Obama's going to select the next few Supreme Court justices. The man was a constitutional law professor; he's going to do a good job with that. Hallelujah.

I know everything won't get better all at once. I'm not expecting angels to sing and life to be suddenly rosy when Obama takes office. The country is in a deep, deep hole, and it's going to take a long time to climb out of it. But for the first time in a long while, I believe we're headed upward instead of deeper down. That's a good feeling. (Or it will be, once I fully wrap my head around it.)
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