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Just so we're clear, that's me wailing, not a baby. No baby to speak of yet.

But I think my iPod has just died. Which I realize is not the end of the world (it had been clear for a while that this iPod was elderly and infirm, and I'd already asked for, and been promised, a new one for Hanukkah/Christmas), but I'd really been hoping to bring it to the hospital so I'd have soothing music to listen to during the birth. And this kind of throws a wrench in that plan.

Yesterday, I tried to connect the iPod to my computer to load some new music onto it. If I plug it in with a firewire, it will recharge itself, but the computer won't recognize that it's there. If I use a dock with USB, the computer can see it, but it won't recharge. Yesterday the problem appeared to be that the battery was entirely kaput, so the iPod wouldn't wake up when connected to the computer via USB, so I couldn't update it. I plugged it in with firewire overnight, came back this morning, and hooray, the battery is charged.

But all my music is gone. I'd had something like 35GB of music on this device, including a fair bit of music that I do NOT have on my computer. All completely wiped. Along with all my other settings, playlists, etc.

And now, when I attach it to my computer via firewire, it will happily charge its battery, but the computer does not acknowledge its existence. And when I attach it via USB, the computer sees that it's there, says that it cannot read the contents of this iPod, and instructs me to restore the factory settings. The iPod will show up in iTunes, but it has absolutely nothing on it, and the only option I'm given is to click "Restore" and, presumably, start fresh. But when I go ahead and click "Restore," the computer informs me that I need to attach the iPod via firewire in order to do this. See above, re the computer not noticing the iPod when I connect it with firewire.

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