Jun. 12th, 2008

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1) I just saw what may be my favorite creatively-misspelled spam subject line ever:
      "Haven't you always wanted a big duck?"
I have to say, I hadn't really thought about it before. But now that they've asked, why YES! I *do* want a big duck! Where do I sign up?

2) I had an exceedingly odd dream the other night, in which the world had somehow fallen into chaos of the most literal kind, and it became nearly impossible to separate the real from the unreal. Of every 100 things that seemed to be happening, maybe 10 were actually happening, and the other 90 were just offshoots of the chaos, and I was trying to put together a cohesive narrative of what was truly going on but kept getting confused about which events to believe. I vividly remember a scene in which I was sorting through newspaper clippings, trying to determine which articles were plausibly true and which just made no sense. What really stressed me out was that, in this dream, Obama had won the presidency, but I couldn't tell whether he had *actually* won it or whether that was just one of the untrue chaos stories. So I was searching my news clippings for clues; were there any stories which mentioned President Obama and Vice-President Pink Unicorn, for example? Or were the Obama-verse stories logically consistent? In retrospect, it's all really funny, but at the time, it made me very anxious.

3) We had a wonderfully sociable weekend, during which I had a conversation (sadly, I can't remember who with) about tasty foods, and was asked to post a recipe I mentioned. So here it is: pancetta and fruit croquettes. )


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